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Well, ladies, gents, or whatever you identify with, we’ve reached a major milestone here. 3000 followers! Holy moly. 

So, I’m proud to officially announce that I’m holding a giveaway! One lucky(?) person is gonna get a free OC drawing from me, Cake. But, if you follow me, you know that it’ll be in the form of one of my various wigglegifs. 

Specifically, you’re gonna get a single character, from-the-knee simple display gif, colored, with cellshading (or not, sometimes it looks better without it… up to you!) That means a still pic with one element of it animated (simply, meaning something like a graphic background, steam from a cup of coffee, little emotive elements… if you follow me you’ll know what to expect), and my signature and stuff.

Here are the rules!

  1. Like/reblog this post. With how I’ve lazily set things up, reblogging doubles your chances (I’m literally gonna copy/paste, so your name will show up twice with that and whatnot). Once you do that, you’re on the list! Also, uh, you have to be following me. I’ll know if you follow me after it, so… yeah. 
  2. This is an OC giveaway. Meaning, I’m only gonna do your own characters. Fancharacters and stuff are okay, maybe? We’ll talk it out. But yeah, I like your characters more than any “official” character.
  3. Have a previously drawn ref for your OC (if you win). I would rather not go off of a wall of text for this… and I won’t! Sorry bout that.
  4. I’d rather keep this SFW, but if you want something like toplessness or whatevs, I’m not scared of nipples. Nipples are cool. 
  5. I’m gonna let this post go for… hmm, two days, just to give everyone a chance to see it and stuff. I’ll announce when it’s over.
  6. The more fun I have with it, the prettier it’s gonna be. So erm… keep that in mind with who you’d want me to draw. No matter what, I’m gonna try my best, but you know the sorts of things I tend to draw already! 
  7. I’m cool with drawing most types of girls (humans, furries, aliens, cookie dough girls, toaster girls, etc, the list is long). However, I can say “nah” if I reeeeally don’t wanna draw it (which there’s a small chance of), but we can work it out and I’ll try my best to give you a thing.

How it’s gonna work: I’m gonna put all the likes and reblogs on a list, and with a random number generator, I’ll see who wins. I’ll contact you PRIVATELY to tell you that you won, and we can talk after that. ‘w’

Let’s get to it! Can’t wait to see who’s gettin’ doodled. =w=


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