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Bring it on challenge accepted

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Well I am an NSFW blog! ((Porn art to come later)) so hit me with it!!


Bring. It. On!


i am very ready, ask…ASK ASK

Give me that shit

Well, I’m game if everyone else is.

Lets do this

of course

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Throughout the month, I’ve been reblogging the posts I made regarding regular and pixel commissions. Unfortunately I still do not have enough money to pay next month’s rent along with other things I need to take care of myself. This summer has been very rough as I was not able to find a job and that I’ve been doing commissions as my only means of income. September is arriving soon so I will be back in school along with my semester job and financial aid which I’ll probably get in the middle of the month. When that happens, I’ll be able to keep myself afloat and have some stability return to my life. It’s not easy living out on your own, especially when you’re unemployed and can’t get a decent job, much less find one.

It’s gotten to the point where I’m starting to feel a little nervous, and I need at least $150 towards paying the rent for next month. If I cannot pay the rent on time, I could face serious repercussions such as penalty fees and worse yet, eviction. The deadline is September 1st and I have a week to come up with the money. If this site can prove that people are willing to pump cash into some guy’s insane quest for potato salad nirvana, then they can surely help out their fellow man who’s went down a rough road in life and is trying to get some stability again.

I really hate to beg like this but time is of the essence. I’m a little less than halfway towards my goal and I’m working as hard as I can to tackle the commissions that I’ve been drawing up for some time. I can do comics, regular drawings, pixel art, sprites, animations and I’m offering a new binary pen option as well for reasonable prices ($7 a picture). Please, I strongly implore you to buy a commission or make a donation with the Paypal button on the right-hand menu on my art blog. Otherwise, signal boosting this post is strongly recommended. Hopefully this will be the last kind of post that I’ll have to make.

In the meantime, please do whatever you can. I could really use the help right now.

Thank you and take care.

Regular commissions with rules
Pixel commissions ( rules for regular commishes still apply)

Signal boost, also if you can try to help AF in any way.

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